Message from the Vicar

It is particularly important that we take care of those who are particularly effected by COVID-19, those who are over 70 or have a weakened immune system. I would particularly be pleased if we could make a list of those (including any of you) that may need help.

Please email the contact details of yourself or others that may need a ‘phone call or help with shopping or other aspects of life if you feel the need to live under a lockdown for 12 weeks.

I am making videos of daily prayer, bible reading and thoughts. These have been rather well received with shockingly high viewing figures. You can either view these on the church FaceBook site or my Facebook page. I have had to develop a YouTube channel which only has these videos on. If you subscribe to the Channel you will be notified of new videos.

Follow this link to see the movies.

Please spread this information.

God be with you and keep safe.